Achieve 100% Automotive Compliance while Dramatically Reducing Costs

Lexon is a recognized leader in automotive enterprise solutions. Our proven process, the Core Automotive Alignment Methodology (CAAM), helps automotive suppliers successfully meet their OEM customer demands.

A well-aligned, successful supplier has the following characteristics:

  • Flexible manufacturing, so they can quickly respond to customer demand.
  • No wasted capacity (labor, machine or space).
  • Plans to convert "eliminated waste" to higher margins.
  • Makes continuous improvements, based on actual data.

Lexon helps clients achieve these objectives by stabilizing their critical bases. A stable base constantly provides accurate and real time data values. Once bases are stabilized, triggers are implemented to automatically drive processes, resulting in higher productivity.

Adopting Lexon's Core Automotive Alignment Methodology allows suppliers to maintain 100% automotive compliance and reduce their costs of doing business.

Solutions Driven by Experience

Since its founding in 1993, Lexon Corporation has provided solutions for the issues facing automotive suppliers. Our experienced team combines industry knowledge with technical expertise to consult with you in implementing a solution which meet your organizations goals.

Our product, C.Core was designed as an automotive solution from its inception. With ongoing input from users, C.Core has evolved into a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for many complex challenges facing automotive suppliers.

Our sole focus is supplying software solutions to the automotive industry. This means our solutions are exclusively designed to meet the requirements of the automotive industry. Our ability to apply the latest technology with our vast industry expertise to help our clients succeed is what sets Lexon apart from the other software solution providers.


Lexon has formed partnerships with several key organizations to allow us to take advantage of the latest technology and fully integrate our solutions.

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